Successfully Steering Through Organizational Transformations: A Four-Step Communication Guide

Change is a formidable force, whether on a personal or organizational level. Successfully steering through organizational transformations requires effective communication. A study by Gartner reveals that only 34 percent of business change initiatives achieve clear success, emphasizing the need for adept change management skills.

1. Motivation and Ability:

Addressing two critical questions is pivotal in change communication: Are employees motivated to change, and are they equipped with the ability to do so? A balanced approach that boosts both motivation and adaptability is crucial for successful organizational change.

2. Tell a Compelling Story:

Craft a compelling narrative to convey the essence of your change initiative. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian Airlines’ approach during a challenging market phase, frame your organizational shift as a heroic journey. This storytelling technique helps alleviate fear and uncertainty, rallying employees around common goals.

3. Make Employees the Heroes:

Empower your workforce by casting them as heroes in the change story. Scandinavian Airlines exemplifies this by instilling a sense of collective responsibility, turning every employee into a change agent. Enable individuals to see their role in the broader context of organizational success.

4. Chart the Path:

Provide a clear roadmap for change. Rakuten’s experience highlights the importance of continuous communication and support during transformation. Acknowledge the difficulties employees may face and offer tangible resources, ensuring they don’t navigate the path alone.