The book “Ecotheology: For a Public, Social, and Spiritual Perspective” by Edinea Matos will be released in Brazil in July.

The book “Ecotheology: For a Public, Social, and Spiritual Perspective” by writer Edinea Matos will be launched on July 12th in Brazil, in the city of Salvador, at the Central Library of the State of Bahia, at 5 PM. Published by Editora Promove, the work aims to raise awareness among Christian faith communities about the importance of being integrated, active, and connected with environmental issues, contributing to the promotion of ecological awareness and the strengthening of a culture of preservation and respect for the ecosystem.
The book addresses the relationship between Christian spirituality and environmental protection. It discusses how churches can play an educational role in caring for nature, inspiring values of fraternity and responsibility towards the planet. The work advocates for a posture of care rather than domination over creation, based on biblical teachings about the sacred nature of all life.
A theological reflection that presents lessons of faith and spirituality, showing how faith can motivate an environmental ethic committed to sustainability. It highlights the importance of a secular state and the public nature of ecotheology, which is essential in contemporary times for combating environmental degradation and promoting the preservation and respect of human and non-human life that coexist on the planet. It underscores the role of the Church and its importance in fostering a more equitable society, emphasizing the function of churches as agents of environmental transformation.
Additionally, it emphasizes the revolutionary movement of Jesus, the greatest defender of human rights and animal causes. The book also includes educational environmental actions for churches, encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices and promote awareness about environmental preservation.
Edinea Matos is a writer, Baptist pastor, and President of the Ebenezer Integral Baptist Church (IBIE) in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She is a theologian, museologist, archivist, specialist in Art and Cultural Heritage, undergraduate in Journalism, and postgraduate student in Environmental Education and Sustainability.
Ecotheology: For a Public, Social, and Spiritual Perspective
Date: July 12 (Friday)
Time: 5 PM to 7 PM
Location: Central Library of Barris – Salvador – Bahia – Brazil
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