Biden’s Debate Performance Sparks Concern Among Democrats


Three days after President Joe Biden’s troubled showing in the first 2024 campaign debate, Democratic strategists, officeholders, donors, pundits, potential rivals, and long-time allies are grappling with unease and uncertainty about his viability as the party’s nominee.
The debate, broadcast on CNN from Atlanta, featured a hoarse and occasionally stumbling Biden facing off against a bombastic Donald Trump, who did not hesitate to hurl insults and propagate falsehoods. The immediate aftermath saw a wave of public and private concern about Biden’s performance and its implications for the upcoming election.
Donna Brazile, former Democratic National Chair, acknowledged the widespread anxiety during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.” “The fact is people are nervous; there’s a lot of anxiety,” Brazile said, revealing that she had received numerous frantic calls from fellow Democrats. “I considered dropping my phone into the Potomac,” she admitted, highlighting the intensity of the concern.
Despite these anxieties, Brazile defended Biden’s candidacy. “He also is a good man, a strong president and Democrats still believe that this race is winnable,” she asserted.
Team Biden has been working tirelessly to bolster support and mitigate the fallout from the debate. However, the lingering alarm about his prospects in November and the potential negative impact on down-ballot Democratic candidates remain pressing issues.
The Democratic Party faces the challenge of rallying around their incumbent president while addressing the concerns sparked by his debate performance. The coming weeks will be crucial in determining whether Biden can regain his footing and solidify his position as the party’s best hope for the 2024 election.